Partial Status occurs when we issue a partial refund for the outstanding portion of an order. In certain situations, we may encounter challenges preventing the complete fulfillment of an order, prompting us to reimburse you for the undelivered quantity. For instance, if you purchased an order with a quantity of 10,000 at a cost of $10, and we managed to deliver 9,000 units, leaving an undelivered balance of 1,000, we would designate the order as "Partial" and refund you the remaining 1,000 (equivalent to $1 in this example).

Drip Feed is a feature we provide that enables you to automatically place the same order multiple times. For instance, if you wish to receive 1000 likes on your Instagram post, but you prefer to receive 100 likes every 30 minutes, you would input the following details:

  • Link: Your Post Link
  • Quantity: 100
  • Runs: 10 (indicating you want to repeat this order 10 times; for 2000 likes, you would run it 20 times, and so on)
  • Interval: 30 (reflecting the 30-minute intervals between each set of 100 likes)

Please note:

  1. Never exceed the maximum quantity specified in the service name (Quantity x Runs). For example, if the service's maximum is 4000, do not enter Quantity: 500 and Runs: 10, as the total quantity (500 x 10) exceeds the service maximum (4000).

  2. Ensure that the Interval is not set below the actual start time. Some services may require a 60-minute start time, so avoid setting the Interval below this or it may result in a failure of your order.

You input the service ID, followed by "|" and then the link, followed by "|" and the quantity on each line. To find the service ID, please refer to this link:

For example, if you want to use the Mass Order to add Instagram Followers to your three accounts: abcd, asdf, qwer, and the service ID for "Instagram Followers [15K] [REAL] ⚡️💧⭐" is 102 from the Services List at, the output for adding 1000 followers to each account would be:


Unfortunately, we do not provide any discounts; the pricing for our services remains fixed.

Find the timestamp that is located next to your username above your comment (for example: "3 days ago") and hover over it then right click and "Copy Link Address". The link will be something like this: instead of just To be sure that you got the correct link, paste it in your browser's address bar and you will see that the comment is now the first one below the video and it says "Highlighted comment".

The service labeled with "Monetized" in its name.

Instagram Saves occur when a user bookmarks a post to their Instagram history by using the save button located near the like button. A higher number of saves for a post contributes to increased impressions.

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